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Founded in January 2000, Aquatic Adventures, Inc. is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a western suburb of Milwaukee. We are committed to transforming and enriching people’s lives through scuba diving and snorkeling. Come enjoy the underwater world by letting us help you earn a scuba diving certification.

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Treading Water

Beginning Scuba – Part 1

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On Wednesday night I had my first Beginning Scuba class at UWM. Day 1 was just filling out paperwork and completing the basic swimming skills needed to continue with the class.

We needed to swim four laps of the pool and tread water for ten minutes in order to pass. Ben was keeping track of my progress and I asked him after two lengths if that counted as one or two out of the four laps. I was disappointed to learn that two lengths is one lap, so I needed to swim the length of the pool six more times, not two. Treading water was way harder than I had thought it would be, until one of the guys in my class pointed out that I was doing way more work than necessary. It was easiest to just float on my back for most of the ten minutes, even though that put more strain on my neck and shoulders from holding my face above water. It was way less work than trying to hold my whole head above water. There were a few people still doing their laps, so those of us who were treading water felt super in the way at the deep end of the pool, but the swimmers did their best to avoid us, so it wasn’t a big deal.


Thomas Pylant

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One of our long-standing staff members here at Aquatic Adventures is Thomas Pylant. Thomas is also one of our youngest staff members and will be celebrating his 18th birthday on April 24!Thomas will be graduating high school this spring and we’re excited to see what the future holds for him.

Tell us about yourself, Thomas.

Scuba Tanks at Dock

A Day in the Life of a Diver: Becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer Part 2

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As my departure date drew near, I was awaiting access to PADI ELearning to accomplish my online dive theory training and testing as well as my Instructor Development Course (IDC) online portion and test. I received the email with access passes that I needed to activate. It was simple enough to activate but took me a while to find how to enter the program. I was trying to gain access to it via my iPad but every time I tried it did not show up. After a few days I found out you have to use a PC. Touch programs for the IDC do not exist. I was able to get in and take the modules through the PADI website when I logged in as a member and selected student status to access eLearning.

Upon arrival at Sea Experience they assisted me in finding lodging at a reasonable price with a student discount at Neptune Group. All Neptune Group facilities were within a few minutes drive of the dive shop. It was also cheaper to pay in cash. They charged a convenience fee if you paid with a card.